Proxy Utilities

The darc.proxy module provides various proxy support to the darc project.

To tell the darc project which proxy settings to be used for the requests.Session objects and WebDriver objects, you can specify such information in the darc.proxy.LINK_MAP mapping dictionarty.

LINK_MAP = collections.defaultdict(
    lambda: (darc.requests.null_session, darc.selenium.null_driver),
        'tor': (darc.requests.tor_session, darc.selenium.tor_driver),
        'i2p': (darc.requests.i2p_session, darc.selenium.i2p_driver),

The mapping dictionary for proxy type to its corresponding requests.Session factory function and WebDriver factory function.

The fallback value is the no proxy requests.Session object (null_session()) and WebDriver object (null_driver()).

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