Source code for darc.proxy.ethereum

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Ethereum Addresses

The :mod:`darc.proxy.ethereum` module contains the auxiliary functions
around managing and processing the ethereum addresses.

Currently, the :mod:`darc` project directly save the ethereum
addresses extracted to the data storage file
:data:`~darc.proxy.ethereum.PATH` without further processing.


import json
import os
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from darc.const import PATH_MISC, get_lock

    import as darc_link  # Link

PATH = os.path.join(PATH_MISC, 'ethereum.txt')
LOCK = get_lock()

[docs]def save_ethereum(link: 'darc_link.Link') -> None: """Save ethereum address. The function will save ethereum address to the file as defined in :data:`~darc.proxy.ethereum.PATH`. Args: link: Link object representing the ethereum address. """ with LOCK: # type: ignore[union-attr] with open(PATH, 'a') as file: print(json.dumps({ 'src': backref.url if (backref := link.url_backref) is not None else None, # pylint: disable=used-before-assignment 'url': link.url_parse.path, }), file=file)